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…by offering the full range of intellectual property services, to protect your company's brands internationally.

Among Softgardens stand-alone concepts are Softgarden Domain & Trademark Management, Softgarden Patent Services, Softgarden Brand Surveillance and Softgarden Legal Services for National and International disputes. Through the partnership with internationally highly recognized Ascio Technologies and Marks & Clerk LtD, Softgarden provides our services to all corners of the world, covering the most complex Intellectual Property challenges.

Our services

International Domain Name Registration and Management

Softgarden is a global domain registrar covering all existing domain endings accross the world, from .no in Norway to .zw in Zimbabwe; any domain you require in any corner of the world, we can easily provide it for you. 

Softgarden can help you in achieving full global control of your company’s current domain names, by seeking, detecting, and initiate the necessary transfers so that all domains are consolidated under one single administrative platform. We also take the necessary steps to ensure your company stands as the legal owner of each domain name. 

Our highly experienced Buy-Back specialists can help you acquire any domain that is already registered by others. We facilitate and handle the legal transfer of ownership, and bring the domain “home” under your administration, at the most reasonable price possible. 

Softgarden is a “one stop shop” for all your global domain activities.

International Trade Mark Registrations

Through our global network Softgarden offer trademark registrations in all jurisdictions. We keep track on your current trademark portfolio, renew them in time and ensure your brands are well covered according to your level of protection. 

International Patent Registrations

From relatively simple patent registrations to the most complex challenges. Through our partnership with Marks & Clerk we take on all patents within the area of Medicine to Artificial Intelligence.

Digital Brand Surveillance

Gain an overview of the activities that in a global perspective pose a potential threat to your brands. Softgarden identifies, locates, and reports directly to you on these ongoing unauthorized activities. We also help you shut down the same threats through a well-developed network of global resources.

Legal Services

To the extent that there is a need for legal assistance regarding your intellectual property, Softgarden covers everything from simple transfer of ownership through already completed agreements, to complex international disputes. By using both internal and external legal resources, we ensure that our clients’ intellectual values ​​are fully protected.


Softgarden provides fast and easy manageable webhosting with the famous cPanel user interface and applications. 

From airlines to manufacturing, our clients span all sectors.

How & why

Softgarden do start the process by conducting a deep-search into all corners of your activities, in the aim of detection all intellectual property which rightfully do or should belong to your company.

Once detected, all of it is gathered in to one consolidated technical platform, which gives your company a unique ability to both monitor and conduct any administrative adjustments to your IP.

All operational services are fully supported with the necessary advising, meetings and workshops in the aim giving you the best possible information needed to conduct the best strategic decisions. 

By consolidating all your domain names, patents, trademarks and other valuable intellectual property owned by your company, but also ensure all of it is maintained and updated regularly, we manage to give you full control over some of your company’s most important assets.

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